2021 Member’s Exhibition – plus rules and guidelines

It’s a club tradition that each year (excluding Covid19 or similar challenges) members are asked to submit up to three prints for our annual member’s exhibition. The member’s exhibition covers two categories: General (Open) and Theme  (this year’s theme is called Bridging the gap . With the exception of junior members in full time education (who don’t pay annual subscriptions), entries will only be accepted from members who have paid their annual subscriptions on or before the handing in date of Thursday 13th May. If, for whatever reason, you cannot bring your entries to the 13th May club meeting  please contact Ian Stanyon. Images will not be accepted for judging later than this date! 

During our June 10th meeting, the experienced and respected Robert Falconer (https://www.robfalconerphotography.com ) will examine and appraise member’s exhibition printed images for both the ‘General’ and ‘Theme’ categories – OR digital images, in the case of Covid19 restrictions. Robert will identify those images he believes are most pleasing to the eye, whilst demonstrating photographic and compositional skills. Robert will also give constructive feedback on those images entered into the members exhibition, and where appropriate Robert will award Commendations. The Denis Thorpe  Trophy will be awarded to the best monochrome image and the Catherine Cup will be awarded to the best colour image. Note members are also required to submit a digital copy of all printed image entries. See the section below entitled ‘Mounting’ for further information.

Following our June member’s exhibition, there will be a public exhibition of award winning printed images and a selection of member’s images, to be shown in local venues. As there’s restricted space for mounted prints on our public exhibition display boards, only entries selected for awards, plus one image from each member’s submission will be displayed at local venues. Thus, members should identify their preferred image for the public exhibition, by indicating this on the entry form. 

Submissions – all submitted entries will be appraised by Robert Falconer. Each paid up club member may enter up to a maximum of three members exhibition prints in total into either the  General or Theme category. Entries may be entered into one category or split between the two.  VIP Note: Due to the Covid pandemic, the committee has decided to waive the normal time limit for the date when images were taken. Thus, exceptionally, images taken at any date are eligible to be entered for this year’s annual competition.  

Prints may be colour or monochrome, printed on your own printer or by another member, or processed commercially. However, only the author is permitted to make alterations to the image in photo-editing software (for example, Photoshop, Lightroom or GIMP. 

Print size should not exceed A3 (42cm x 29.7cm or its equivalent area (1245 cm2) and should be no smaller than the minimum size A4 (29.7cm x 21cm or its equivalent area (625 cm2) thereby allowing for square and letter box images. A border may be included within these measurements, but it must be obvious and part of the print. 

Mounting – Prints will be displayed within a card mount which makes for an attractive exhibition. Mounts shall be either Black or Ivory – no exceptions. Two mount sizes will be available, 50x40cm with a pre-cut A3 aperture and 40x30cm with a pre-cut A4 aperture. An entry fee of £2 per print or £5 for 3 entries is required to cover costs of the mounting. However, if you require a different sized aperture in either format you will must organise this yourself and bear the cost of mounting; there will be no entry fee for these submissions. We endeavour to have all prints submitted at May’s meeting, to be ready for judging at the June meeting.  

Digital images should be saved as jpeg maximum quality but not exceed 1200 pixels tall and 1600 pixels wide, for the purposes of projection and for use in the website and certificates = OR 1600 x 1200 for images in portrait format. The image file name should be the title of the image. For example, the jpeg image file for the image ‘Mam Tor’ would be ‘Mam Tor.jpg’. These should be uploaded using a file handling service such as https://wetransfer.com to Ian Stanyon. Equally contact Ian S if you have any questions or other issues.