January 2015 AGM & meeting

1 Solstice sun's shadows - Copy

A view of Win Hill imposing over Castleton and the Hope Valley. We meet in a building smack in the centre of this image


Members didn’t join our photographic society to listen to admin bits relating to our AGM. However, there are one or two newsworthy items to report. Firstly three new members turned up at the AGM, which brings our membership into the forties. Secondly, the members elected Hon Life Member Ray Fowler (otherwise known as Mr C&HVPS) as our first Vice President. Thirdly, we have two new committee members: Nick Chalkley and David Allwood. Finally I proposed that Arthur Packham, who recently moved ‘south’ with his wife Betty, to be closer to their family, be made a life member (another ‘first’ for our club). Unsurprisingly, the proposal was greeted by a unanimous show of hands – so Arthur, next time you are in the area on a meeting night, do call in. Everyone will welcome you and you won’t have to pay the £3 entrance fee!

Bits & bobs

Keith Brown presented our 2015 programme. So if you want to know what’s on for this year, click onto: http://www.hopevalleyphotosociety.co.uk/?page_id=571 Then Roger Moore spoke about our 2014 YearBook. Roger explained that the deadline for submitting entries would be 2359 on 11th January.

Our new Chair entertains

1c Jason

Our new Chair – Jason – then gave a thoughtful presentation, covering the theme of our 2015 competition – architecture. Jason’s illuminating presentation took an A to Z form, with Jason illustrating images relating to each letter. Some images were Jason’s, some were images of outstanding bits of architecture, new and old and some were images by world renowned photographers. A really enjoyable evening and a great start to Jason’s year.
I’ve downloaded a few of the images Jason presented. Members can refresh their memories about the rules relating to the architecture category, as well as the ‘general’, theme and a ‘monochrome’ theme  of our competition  by clicking onto: http://www.hopevalleyphotosociety.co.uk/?p=442

1-Jasn  1d Jason

1a Jason