Our 2015 Print Exhibition guidelines & rules.

2015 Print Exhibition guidelines & rules

1. Categories
Members can submit a maximum of three images which cover the two categories of either General or Architectural images.
As guidance to members, architectural themed images should depict the style in which a building is designed. It can be exterior or interior and can portray the whole building or a detail of the building. Statues and sculptures are also acceptable. However, care must be taken when including figures or surrounding landscape to demonstrate scale: ensure that the architectural subject is still the dominant factor in the image.
2. Number of Images
The three images can be any combination of images within the two categories and they can be either colour or monochrome.
For example: you may wish to submit one colour landscape image, one colour architectural image and one monochrome architectural image OR three general OR three architectural OR two of one category and one of the other category, all colour or all mono or a mixture.
First, Second, Third and Commended Certificates will be awarded in both categories and the best monochrome image, in either category, will be awarded the Denis Thorpe Trophy.
3. Image Size
Maximum – A3 + 329 x 483 mm
Minimum – A4 210 x 297 mm (approximate will be acceptable)
Or any size in between.
Please leave prints unmounted. If a border is included on the print it will be trimmed by Ray when it is mounted onto foamboard as all prints will be presented for judging flush mounted.
4. Cost of Entry
£1 per print to cover mounting onto foamboard.

5. Digital Files
If possible we would be grateful if you could supply us with a digital file of each image, to be handed in together with your print entry as we intend to use these images as our contribution to the photo exchange with the club in New York. Each file should be saved to Maximum quality and it will be resized later before sending to New York – no changes will be made to your actual images.
6. Handing in your prints and Entry Forms
May 14th will be the night for handing in your prints and a reception team will be pleased to receive your entry, fees and digital files. If you are unable to be there on May 14th please make arrangements with Jason or Keith beforehand for receipt of your entry.
Entry Forms: these will be available on the handing in night but to speed the process up on the night, forms will be available in advance, to be submitted on the night with your entry.
7. Judging
All images will be flush mounted onto foamboard by Ray ready for judging. Our judge, Peter Yeo, prefers to judge the prints on judging night (July 9th) not in advance. The award winners will be announced on that night.
7. Exhibition
The aim will be to show all the images submitted for judging. The exhibition will be held at St. Barnabas Church, Bradwell from 1st to 8th August.
8. Timetable
May 14th – handing in prints, entry forms, fees and digital files. Doors open at 7 pm.
May 15th to July 8th – Prints mounted onto foamboard by Ray helped by David.
July 9th – Exhibition review and judging by Peter Yeo FRPS. DPAGB. APAGB.
July 30th / 31st – mount exhibition.
August 1st to August 8th – Annual C&HVPS Exhibition at St. Barnabas Church, Bradwell.
To be announced – presentation of awards and certificates.

If you have any queries please contact Jason, Keith or Ray.

A synopsis of info given during C&HVPS 9-10-14 meeting

If you missed the meeting here’s the info you need:

Opening welcome

Ian welcomed our speaker from Sheffield Photographic Society, Colin New, plus returning members Paul & Wendy McGreavy – Paul has just returned from working overseas (the Oman?) for nearly four years.

Our guest speaker – Colin New

The star of the evening was Colin New, who spent 90 minutes fascinating us with his view on Great Photographers. We had  a great evening, looking at some of the images from these great photographers. Colin had spent a very significant time in researching who should be included in his list.

Colin didn’t just show a selection of images, as he spent time giving a potted history of these photographers, then spoke from the heart about each of the images. It’s clear that Colin has spent many hours researching the subject, talking eruditely and with passion (through the eye of a photographer) about the various photographers and the images he showed. Many thanks Colin, your hard work and persistence gave all who attended a real insight into these many and various Great Photographers. If you’d like to learn more about Colin, or view some of his images, visit his site: http://www.colinnew.co.uk/

If you’d like to know the names of the photographers, from Ansel Adams to Edward Weston Colin spoke about, here they are: Ansel Adams; Manuel Alvarez Bravo; Richard Avedon; David Bailey; John Blakemore; Bill Brandt; Brassai; Julia Margaret Cameron; Henri Cartier-Bresson; Imogen Cunningham; Robert Demachy; Baron de Meyer; Robert Doisneau; William Eggleston; Elliott Erwitt
Robert Frank; Mario Giacomelli; Ralph Gibson; Fay Godwin; Paul Graham; Nan Goldin; Frank Hurley; Michael Kenna; Andre Kertesz; William Klein; Jacques Henri Lartigue; Sally Mann; Don McCullin; Robert Mapplethorpe; Man Ray; Lee Miller; Sarah Moon; NASA; Nick Ut; Martin Parr; Irving Penn; Sebastiao Salgado; Eugene Smith; Paul Strand; Albert Watson; Edward Weston.

Submit your best 2014 image for our 2014 YearBook

Ann, our Secretary had sent an email to all members, reminding them that it’s time to submit their photos for the 2014 YearBook. Further information on how to submit your images, plus any other images taken during 2014 events, can be found on this website. Click on this link: http://www.hopevalleyphotosociety.co.uk/?page_id=415

Our forthcoming Christmas Party

Jason, who’s been organising our Christmas Party with his wife Erica, gave members information about the Party. The Christmas meal is to be held on Thursday 11th December at 7.30 pm at the Millstone Inn in Hathersage, please note the change of venue. Here’s a link to give you details of the costs, the menu, etc.: http://www.hopevalleyphotosociety.co.uk/?page_id=426 Erica would be grateful if you could respond to her by filling in the bottom of the slip and returning it to her, with with a cheque by 13th November (the next meeting date). Please make cheques payable to “The Millstone Country Inn”. Either bring your choices along with your cheque to the November 13th meeting or post your choices and cheque to Erica Dietch at 3 Mayfield Terrace, Hathersage, Hope Valley, S321BE.

New Technology

So christmas is coming and i know i have a new camera on my shopping list (who hasn’t?) but for me its a nice new Canon 70D

however if i had an endless budget i might be tempted to buy one of these i had seen the technology appear a little while ago in a tech blog somewhere i had no idea they were serious about putting it into production for us mere mortals but as you can see they have. so whats so special i hear you ask, it just looks like a nice bridge camera however for all of you who like to shoot AV youre in trouble with this one because it doesn’t have an AV setting. now before you poo poo it let me tell you it shoots at a fixed aperture of F2.0 so whats so great about this well you can always get the fastest shutter speed you like at the lowest available ISO so now you’re asking how do you control depth of field well with this camera you set your focal point and depth of field after in post processing infact you can even have a moving still image where the focus can be adjusted by the viewer, you can even produce a 3D image effect.

so how does it do this well its all about its special sensor which uses light field technology  to capture an image with infinite focus

its easier to just say just check out some of these awesome examples in this link below.