Synopsis of 11 April 2017 meeting

Members handed in their competition entries and then sat down to watch presentations by Alison and Ian S. A selection of these images are shown below. Before the presentation Ann made a number of announcements.

  • There’ll be a social/photographic evening at Bugsworth Basin on 25th May, commencing 1800. Further details are shown below the images I’ve popped onto our website.
  • Ann also announced that the theme for the 2018 Annual Competition would be either ‘Shadows’ or ‘Imitatting song titles’. After a vote members picked the theme of Imitating song titles – so now you’ve got one year to think about how best to interpret the theme and produce some stunning images. Note that images taken before 1.1.16 won’t be edible to be entered into this competition.
  • Finally, members were reminded that before the end of the month they should send copies of their 2017 competition images to Ian Ord, via email, memory stick or CD. These images will be stored on a password protected area of our website. Compressed versions of those who win or are placed or receive a commendation at next month judging evening, will be placed on our website.

Here’s a selection of the images Alison & Ian S presented to members. Judging from the volume of applause I’m sure that all present thoroughly enjoyed viewing these images, with informative commentaries given by first by Alison then Ian.


Bugsworth Basin social event – photographic evening. Ray and Pat Fowler and Keith and Kate Brown will be on duty at the Navigation Inn (where there is car parking) from 6.00pm onwards. You are invited to participate in this event and choose your own time of arrival. It is not the easiest place to find and we suggest travelling to Chinley and then follow the signs to Bugsworth, turning left in Bugsworh down to the basin. We suggest you take the same route home via Chinley. Full details can be found on the Bugsworth Basin web site For those with a sat nav the postcode is SK23 7NE.Synopsis of 11th Aprilm