Synopsis of 11th June 2015 meeting

As our 2015 Chair Jason is on holiday, our Vice-Chair Kate Brown stepped into the breach. If you missed the meeting here’s a synopsis of the most important things you missed, including Roger Moore’s presentation on Blurb, which shows how you can prepare a Blurb printed book for yourself or your family. To view Roger’s Presentation CLICK HERE: RKM_Blurb-talk

  • V.I.P. Now that we have 88 of the 91 2015 competition images captured digitally, we need a short sentence about each of the members’ exhibition pictures to go with the images to New York. Information about where each image was taken would also be appreciated. Please email this information to Keith Brown as soon as you can!
  • Kate told everyone present that our meeting’s venue (The Peveril Centre) has had new equipment installed, including an automatic screen, a projector and a sound system. Members were invited to visit the new centre during the break to see the installations. So if you missed the meeting, visit the centre in the adjoining room and see the new equipment at the next meeting.
  • There is a Morris exhibition in Sheffield on Saturday 13th June, with dancing in Tudor Square, outside the cathedral and Town Hall between 10am and 4pm, and also in the Winter Gardens 10 – 11.45am and 2 – 4pm. There is also a photographic exhibition on Morris in Sheffield Cathedral – enter by the main door.
  • Sue Hughes has won first prize in the Wilkinson Cameras Wilki Weekends Abstracts category with an excellent architecture image. (Editor’s note: 6 weeks ago I attended a meeting at Chapel Camera Club, to see Sue winning the ‘advanced section’ of the competition with a stunning image. This bodes well for Sue when our 2015 competition images are judged at the next meeting.).

2 - Roger at computer

The main focus of the evening were ‘workshop presentations’, starting with Prof Roger Moore, ARSP, who gave a PowerPoint type presentation on making your own photobook/book using the American company ‘Blurb’. Roger prepares a Castleton & Hope Valley Photographic Society YearBook every year, but based on Roger’s presentation and notes, I suspect I won’t be alone in trying to make my own photobook! A bit of advice: postage costs for sending books from Holland to the UK can be in the region of £7 or £8 per shipment So order as many copies as you need to be shipped in one consignment. Look for discounts offered on Blurb’s website as from time to time Blurb give substantial discounts!              1- Roger front screen






Our Hon Vice-President Ray Fowler gave a fascinating insight, along with lots of hints and tricks, on printing your images, including the best type of printers to buy to print either A4 or A3/A3+ images. A3+ printers are more expensive, but A3+ best quality paper is cheaper than A3 sized paper. So remember the maxim – a good bigun is better than a good littlun! It’s clear that Ray gets as much pleasure printing his images as he gets from composing and taking images. Ray’s a mind of information and is always available, if you’d like to ask Ray for guidance or technical tips.

3 - Ray gives advice

Finally, Nick Chalkley aided by our ‘technical wizard’ Alan Hinchcliffe, gave advice on using off-camera flash. Nick is a natural, and always captures his audience’s attention with a Tommy Cooper-like style. Alan synched Nick’s camera to the computer and projector so members could see the results of changing the positions of the flash units, flash intensity, etc.

7 Nick Just like thatIn his own inimitable Tommy Cooper-like way Nick showed how some off-camera flash tricks worked ‘just like that’; with others not quite working as planned. I could listen to Nick all night, as his laid back style demonstrates his gift and understanding of  photography.




Our Secretary Ann rounded off the evening by thanking all three presenters, plus Alan, for making the evening so informative and enjoyable.