Synopsis of May 12 meeting

Thursday 12th May. We were given two excellent lectures by our own members : Drone Photography by Ian Ord and Anything Goes by Roger Moore.

Ian showed his immense skill in using the Drone for still shots and video. We saw a variety of locations from unique viewpoints in the sky; stunning panoramas and a variety of short videos to show the versatility of the Drone. Using it to show the weather damage to the roof of his and Christine’s house, was inspired, and his neighbour in France mending his satellite dish on the pylon was nerve wracking.

It was very disappointing that we were unable to hear the soundtrack on Ian’s presentations; especially as he had put so much work into the music and sound effects. Despite the combined efforts of Ian Stanyon, Roger Moore and Paul Hatt the problem couldn’t be fixed. It seemed to be a combination of the Audio Visual equipment in the hall connecting to Zoom. We apologise for this Ian but the images were projected beautifully in the hall and members enjoyed them very much together with your script which I was happy to read out. 

Hopefully Ian you will show us more on the 8 in 10 night when we will ensure that the problem is resolved. 

Roger, together with Ian and Paul, worked tirelessly in the interval to devise a method whereby everybody could enjoy his presentation which as usual was very professional. We were shown how using the video option on our still cameras can provide a much more interesting record than just a still photograph; for example ripples on water or a passing snow plough.

We were then treated to patterns, black and white, textures and an amazing creative Audio Visual showing 120 pattern images from one single photograph of the bow of a boat. Roger finished his presentation with a short but very hard hitting Audio Visual showing discarded waste spoiling our beautiful countryside. This should be seen by the thousands who visit Hope Valley. 

Thank you Ian and Roger for a very enjoyable evening despite all the technical problems.

Anniversary Outing 2023.  Next year marks the 20th anniversary of our society and one of the events planned will be an Anniversary Outing. Our Social Secretary Ray Fowler, has suggested the following locations offering photographic opportunities. Please choose your two preferred locations and notify either Ray, Joan Clough, Ian Ord. or myself. The one with the most votes will be the one chosen. :

Lichfield Cathedral

Southwell Minster and Newark

Hepworth Gallery, Wakefield

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Speke Hall and The Beatles homes (John Lennon and Paul McCartney)

Lincoln Cathedral

Exhibition 2022.  This will be held at St Peter’s Church Hope from Saturday 25th June to Saturday July 2nd (AV Show by Keith and Kate Brown see below) Exhibition Stewards are Required – If you can help please contact Margaret Drabble – Ann will recirculate Margaret’s email

Saturday July 2nd – St Peter’s Church, Hope, 7 pm“Great Fun – Our love of A.V.s by Keith and Kate Brown”

Whatever The Weather. Ian and Christine Ord are once again inviting members and family to their home for this very enjoyable social event.  Sunday 24th July. 2 pm. Orlecar Cottage, Hope. Please let Ian and Christine know if you are likely to attend for catering numbers.

Next Meeting . Thursday June 9th . Scavenger Hunt. Weather permitting this will be a fun outdoor photographic evening in Castleton, returning to the clubroom to look at your photographs The details will be circulated in due course. This will NOT be a Zoom evening.