Synopsis of 11thOctober meeting

Our Chairman Nick opened the meeting by announcing that Keith & Kate are going to hold another AV Night on Saturday November 10th  – including the much loved ‘Grease Gaskets & Gears’ (an RPS Gold Medal winning AV). Contact Ray Fowler for further details and to reserve tickets.

Nick also announced that we’ll be holding our annual Christmas party at restaurant ‘1530’ in Castleton on Thursday 13th December. Erica will circulate details in the near future.  Finally, Steve Elliott’s produced his 2019 calendar, featuring 12 stunning shots. Contact Steve direct. Steve’s unable to attend our next meeting, but if you order a calendar in advance you could pick the calendar up at our Christmas party.

Then Nick announced that this evening we were privileged to be able to listen to Rebecca Nex (from Sheffield Photographic Society) give a presentation (to a packed house – we ran out of seats). Over the years our members have enjoyed viewing the images of many supremely talented photographers. However, in my opinion, Rebecca gave the one of most artistically inspiring presentations in all my 9 years of being a member of C&HVPS.

During Rebecca’s presentation you could have heard a pin drop. Indeed if members didn’t hear a pin drop they may well have heard the sound of my jaw dropping, in response to viewing Rebecca’s amazingly creative images. Rebecca has only being taking photographs for 12 years. But during this time she’s developed a style that’s now very much associated with her and her images (best viewed as prints rather than DPI’s?). Numerous awards and international medals echo the ‘eye for an image’ that Rebecca has acquired over such a relatively short period of time.

Forget about saturated colours, pin-sharp images, post-production techniques, or the most expensive cameras & lenses to capture these awe-inspiring images. Think about a different form of artistic creativity. Think about pastel colours, subtlety, mood, textures (particularly shown in the types of printing paper Rebecca uses). As the meeting closed I heard many members talk about the inspiration Rebecca has given – inspiring us to look through our lenses in a new light. To see more of Rebecca’s work browse: