Synopsis of October 14th meeting

As anticipated, our ‘Beat the Clock‘ Zoom meeting was a varied and entertaining mix of photography where seven members each showed their work for 10 minutes. Before members displayed their ‘Beat the Clock’ images (where the presenter has 10 minutes to display their images), our Chair Roger made a number of announcements, summarised below:

Keith Brown kicked off with “Golden Wedding“, showing the exquisite interior of the St. Pancras hotel; Ray Fowler followed with “Return to 2019” and made a strong case for us to have a portrait evening next year; Jim Swithinbank mixed science and photography with “Bent Light Dreams Come True“; Ian Ord had prepared a video entitled “On a Wing and a Prayer” explaining how you can achieve a LRPS qualification; David Nicklin showed us an insider’s view “Around Chatsworth“; Jason Dietsch was ”Looking Back” into activities during the pandemic; and Roger Moore showed some “Impressions of Reality” as an illustration of next year’s exhibition theme.  Unfortunately, Ian Stanyon and Nick Chalkley were unable to present due to family medical issues, but we hope that they’ll have another opportunity to show their work sometime next year.