NEMPH exhibition

Ian Stanyon collected his commendation certificate at the opening of the annual NEMPH exhibition held on Saturday, 6th January. There was a good showing of all the different clubs and societies with the awards seemingly all going to members of the Rolls Royce club based in Derby. However, that is not to say that there were no other clubs and societies represented of which Castleton & Hope Valley PS was one. Ian proudly received his award for his entry ‘Le Parcour’ and the club also gained acceptance with Kate Brown’s Sunset at the museum. Given the small size of the society, we should be very proud and also encouraged that we are more than able to match the big boys when it comes to taking good pictures.

The exhibition runs between 6th January and 10th February 2018 with all the accepted prints on display at Patching’s Art Centre Oxton Road Calverton, Nottingham NG14 6NU. It is a quality showcasing of the very best images taken in the region and well worth a visit, The Art Centre is open 7 days a week 10 am – p.m. and we would encourage visiting.

Hopefully next year we can be more successful and get more prints accepted into the exhibition. Images will have to be submitted in October, so start thinking about what you might like to showcase, it is not limited to just this year’s work so dig deep into your archives. If you would like to discuss ideas, do not hesitate to contact Ian Stanyon.


Finally, Ian is looking for a bit of help organising the submissions to next year’s exhibition. This is not a committee position so rest assured that you would not be pressured to do more than simply encouraging members, collecting in images and submitting them to the NEMPH organisers. Anybody interested, please contact Ian on 01433 620051 or