Synopsis of 9th Oct 2015 meeting.

Our Chairman, Jason opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and covered the following:

  • Sheffield City Council have organised a Cityscapes photography day, commencing at 1000 Saturday 10th This may be an opportunity to prepare for taking some Streetscene images for our 2016 competition! Contact Ian Stanyon for further details.
  • Ray Fowler will be arranging for some of the print images, loaned by him to by members, to be displayed for one week at Hope’s Evelyn Medical Centre. Ray will use our newly purchased boards to display these mainly A3 printed images. There’s a possibility that these boards and printed images will then be displayed in Hathersage’s Medical Centre.
  • A new venue for our 2015 Christmas Party – Losehill Hall – set midway between Hope and Castleton! A few weeks ago I (Ian O) met the manager, Alistair and ‘sounded out’ the venue, facilities, price options, menu options, etc. Later Jason and Erica visited so that they could approve the venue and facilities. In the near future Erica will email all members giving further details, including a menu with choices (including vegetarian options).
  • Roger has once again kindly agreed to compile and format script, etc., to enable us to have yet another YearBook. There’ll be a slight change to this year’s format to further improve the visual impact. The ‘landscape’ format of the book will favour this format, but don’t let this put you off from submitting your entry in a ‘portrait’ format. It’s hoped that each member will submit an image taken in 2015 OR members could use the image they used for our New York – C&HVPS photo exchange (I have a database of all of these images).
  • If you’d like an updated head and shoulders passport style photograph to be used for the upcoming Yearbook OR if you are a new member and I don’t have a copy of your photograph, please email this image to me. In the near future Jason will arrange for an email, giving detailed information, to be sent to all members.

The main event of the evening was an exhibition of some 90 digital images and 6 printed images. Jason, Kate and Keith gave an appraisal of the images. The evening gave an opportunity for our most accomplished photographers to share (up to 6) of their favourite images. Whilst aspiring members who haven’t such experience or technical skills were able to receive positive feedback and advice on the images shown.

Lytro a new way of thinking about photography

I thought I would share this here as an example of how things are moving on. they are not meant to be particularly good examples of photography, more a representation of a new way of thinking about photography and how technology keeps changing and how we need to keep re-evaluating how we think about photography.


you can read more about the lytro Illum here and see some better examples from more accomplished photographers than myself by following this link here