Synopsis of 11 November Zoom meeting

Our Chair Roger opened the evening by welcoming all our Zoom members – hopefully our last Zoom meeting for some considerable period of time, as our next meeting will be a face to face meeting in Castleton’s Methodist Church Hall.

We spent an exceedingly enjoyable evening viewing ten very different audio-visual presentations.  The AVs had been prepared by six of our members: Kate Brown, Keith Brown, Richard Clemons, Stephen Elliott, Ian Ord, and our Chair Roger Moore.  Many thanks to Keith Brown for organising and curating the event.

Roger reminded C&HVPS paid-up member to submit a single image for our 2021 YearBook.  It could be one of the photos selected for the annual exhibition, or it could be some other image.  The only constraint is that it should have been taken between 1st January and 31st December 2021.  As in previous years, the 2021 YearBook will be published in A4 horizontal format (using Blurb).  This means that differently proportioned images (such as verticals) will have to be reduced in size to fit the page – so please bear this in mind when selecting your photo.  As usual, we will be including a photo gallery of all members.  Note that you can appear in the members’ gallery even if you don’t wish to submit a main photo for the YearBook.  So, if you wish to be represented in the CHVPS 2021 YearBook, simply email Roger an image, the title of the image and your name.

Roger reminded members that our final event of 2021 will be the Christmas dinner at the 1530 Restaurant on 9th December.  Menu selection and booking instructions can be found on the header to our website (see above) entitled ‘Christmas Dinner 2021 details’.

Click onto any image if you’d like to see it in greater detail, then scroll through the images. Remember that these are screenshots of images presented at our Audio Visual Zoom meeting.