Synopsis of Feb 8th meeting

Nick, our Chair opened the packed meeting hall by welcoming two new members and then by giving the following announcements:

Roger Moore has once again encapsulated our past year in a superb YearBook, available in both hard-back and soft-back formats. Costs this year are: hardback £26.79 and soft back £19.79 (+ postage). If you submit a request through me (Ian O) I’ll submit a bulk order and share the postage costs between those who have submitted an order. Or you can order a YearBook using:

Ray is organising a photographic excursion to the Piece Hall in Halifax on Wed 21st March. It’s a stunning location! For more info browse    If you’d like to attend, please contact Ray. I have put my name down for the first of this year’s photo/social events, and am hoping that there’ll be a good turnout. If there’s sufficient interest Ray may be able to organise a coach?

Keith announced that Steve is going to give a practical session on light-painting, at 1930 at St Peter’s Church hope on 13th March. Everyone who attended Steve’s last session on light-painting agreed that this was a fantastic evening. Please contact Keith if you’d like to attend.

The 11th Sheffield Photographic Digital Knockout Competition is going to be held at St Luke’s Church, Lodge Moor, Sheffield S10 4LQ. 1900 for 1930. Once again our club will submit some DPI’s. If you’d like up to five of your images to be considered by the committee, please pass your images to Keith by 19th Feb. Please compress the images to 1400 x 1050 pixel if in landscape portrait, or with a maximum height of 1050 pixels (thus a width of less than 1050 pixels) if in portrait or square format. The images the committee like the most will then be entered into the Knockout Competition.

The main part of the evening was divided into two. With Ian Holmes presenting monochrome film images he’d taken as a youngster (and that wasn’t yesterday!) Then Ray presented DPI images he’d taken during a number of years touring north to south in and around the Rockies area of the ‘States’. The contrast between the 120 film camera that Ian used and the modern digital camera used by Ray brought equally appreciative applause. Thanks to Les for scanning in the 120 prints. Here’s a limited selection of the images Ian & Ray presented. A great evening that I’m sure was enjoyed by all.