Synopsis of 13th April meeting

This was a meeting of two parts, as about 16 members met at Treak Cliff Cavern at 1900 to explore the cavern – with torches, cameras and tripods at the ready. Members were due to return at 2030, but a few continued taking light painting images – these images will be processed later and will probably form part of another meeting later on in the year.

Those who stayed behind met at 1930 and were introduced to our newest member – Bob Stone, a resident of Eyam. Then the non-cavers spent an hour looking at images Ian & Chris Ord took when they were in Myanmar – all present will have sympathised when Ian told them that his new camera with his (specially bought for the holiday) 12-100 lens fell off the security rollers at Mandalay Airport – less than halfway through the holiday adventure! The camera was repaired upon return to the UK – covered by insurance.

At 2030 Ray Fowler gave a fascinating presentation of images he’d taken at our recent light paining evening. We’d all been occupied with the intricacies of setting up our cameras with the precise settings, whilst Ray had effectively occupied himself by taking  images of our industrious members engaged in the intricacies of light painting. Then David Allwood gave a short presentation of images members had taken of pizza making using a wood-fired oven at our last ‘informal evening’.

Our May meeting will also start 30 minutes earlier, giving time for members to hand in their three competition images. Click here if you want to re-read the guidelines for this competition: