Sad loss of Pauline Payne

It is with deep regret that we have to pass on the sad news of the death of Pauline Payne. Pauline, a resident of Castleton, had been an active member of our photographic society for many years. Pauline had been receiving care in Ashgate Hospice, where she had been fighting a long illness. Our thoughts go with the family, Barbara & Sheila.

Pauline’s funeral will be held at 1400, Wednesday 2nd September at Castleton’s Methodist Church


Synopsis of 13th August 2015 meeting

Jason was ill, so Erica made the announcements:

The Whatever the Weather social meeting at Hope Sports ground on 10th August was well attended, with perhaps untypical August weather for the Hope Valley, as it was both warm and mainly sunny. The raffle was a great success, with a quite a number being successful in the raffle by winning EyeFi wireless camera memory cards, donated by EyeFi through Alan Hinchcliffe.

The photo-opportunity/social meeting at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park will take place on either Saturday the 3rd or 10th October.

Ian & Christine will be on holiday for the next meeting at The Anglers’ Rest, thus please forward your images of Musical Instruments to Jason, rather than Ian.

The main event of the evening , a photo-exchange, was a great success and will hopefully be repeated next year, as 40 superb slideshow images from Finger Lakes Photographic Society were shown, followed by another slideshow, showing all 91 images entered by members into our 2015 competition

The exhibition at St Barnabas Church was a real success, with 994 votes being cast by members of the public. Here are the top 10 public votes


Ian Stanyon – 53 votes                                    Steve Elliot – 46 votes                 Richard Clemons – 41 votes


Pat Fowler – 32 votes                              Alan Hinchcliffe- 26 votes

4A                 13A


Les Nixon – 42 votes           Phil Sproson – 36 votes                                David Allwood – 30 votes

32G  29G  20G

Erica Dietsch – 24 votes                                                                 Keith Brown – 23 votes

14G            45G



Our 2015 exhibtion at St Barnabas Church, Bradwell

7D__1007Ray Fowler, assisted by Keith Brown worked hard to mount all 91 of our ‘annual competition’ images, then labeled, mounted on stands  and transported the competition images to St Barnabas Church, Bradwell, in time for Bradwell’s Wakes Week festivities on August 1st 2015. I’d printed out voting slips and was encouraging members of the public, who were visiting the church, to give their votes for the Architectural and General image they liked most.

Half an hour into the day I approached a gentleman with a camera slung around 7D__0997V1his neck, and asked him if he’d like to cast his votes. The gentleman said “No. I’ve already voted.” This confused me, as I hadn’t seen the gentleman cast his votes. Then all became clear when he said “I was the person who judged your annual competition.” It transpires that this was Peter Yeo, FRPS, DGAGB, APAGB! Peter has travelled all the way from Gainsborough, Lincs, to view our exhibits, take some photographs of the beautiful Peak District AND give his own personal prize to Ann Smith, who won our best image in the General class. Ann was’t at the church, so the first that Ann knows that Peter visited and gave her a prize will be when she reads this web-post!