Synopsis of our 12th March 2015 meeting

Despite the weather being less than spring-like, we had a really good turnout, including two new members to listen to Hathersage based photographic photo/artist Anthony Marshall (examples of his copyrighted work are shown below) give his presentation – more of this later. Our latest two new members are Chapel en-le-Frith resident Phil Sponson and Bradwell based Janis Ibbotson. Until Ray Fowler can produce an addendum to our 2015 programme, you can obtain Phil or Janis’s contact details from me (Ian) or our Secretary, Ann.Anthony Marshall 0

If you missed our meeting here’s a few points which will bring you up to speed:

• David Allwood has arranged an informal members’ evening at the Anglers Rest on Monday 16 March starting around 7.30pm; •Sheffield PS have organised a digital-image knockout competition, held between 15 photo clubs in the region at their church hq in Sheffield at 1930on Saturday evening;
• 17 members had ordered the Blurb 2014 YearBook. I handed out these YearBooks during the evening. If you were too late to place your bulk order, taking advantages of discounts and sharing postage costs, instruction to order the 2014 (or indeed the 2013) YearBook can be found on:
• I’ve sent everyone who ordered a YearBook the link to enable them to download the YearBook (at no cost) to their iPad. But if you aren’t an Apple/iOS convert, Roger Moore will soon give download instructions to Android or Windows Kindle users;
• Jason reminded everyone about the rules for our forthcoming competition. Here’s the link to give comprehensive details:

Presentation by Anthony Marshall – whose photographic artwork can be seen on

Anthony Marshall 2  Anthony’s presentation was truly fascinating. I’m sure that I can say without fear of contradiction that all attendees truly enjoyed his stimulating presentation. Anthony was unusual in that he didn’t give a slideshow presentation of his work, but concentrated on telling us how 40 years ago he was only one of three full time British based professional landscape photographers; gradually moving to being an abstract impressionism artist, who uses photography as a means of capturing images, before he works on the photographic data, using an iPad and Apps such as TangledFx; ImageBlender; Snapseed; Picsplay pro.

Along with many books, Anthony brought along examples of his work, printed directly onto aluminium. The printing organisation Anthony uses is a German based company called ‘pictures for you’.

Anthony Marshall 1Anthony explained that thousands of image editing apps have been designed for the iPad, but only a handful that allow you to work at a hi-res file size. Up to now image editing has been done by using very large, complex and expensive software, requiring significant investment of time to master the techniques. Anthony said that working with less complex software Apps on the iPad is like a breath of fresh air allowing him to work quicker and more intuitively. Anthony explained that although photography plays an integral role in his work, he thinks like a painter; producing imagery which is minimalist, focusing in on detail, texture, shape and abstract design. Anthony explained how he often creates images which have been superimposed to create a more abstract effect.

Next month’s speaker

We have a completely different type of speaker for our meeting on April 9th – so make sure you clear your diary for that evening, so you can listen to and view Karen Frankel who’ll show her stunning ‘Coast to Coast’ images.

Ordering your 2014 YearBook

Latest update: A Pdf version of our latest (2014) YearBook is now available. The Pdf version is also readable on a Kindle device. Please click onto the link shown below. On the right hand side of the webpage you’ll see the various purchase and download options. If you’d like to pay the Club £5 to allow you to purchase an electronic version readable on Apple devices (iPads etc.) please contact me (Ian) and I’ll generate a link to the relevant part of Blurb’s website. Please note that the code on the link expires within 48 hours of me generating this link.

Initial posting: If you order your 2014 YearBook via me using or phone me on 01433 621, or see me at the March 12th meeting. I’ll place one bulk order on behalf of C&HVPS members or friends, hence sharing the postage costs between all who place an order. Orders close on March 14. Thus those who took an order slip from Roger may prefer to contact me, thus sharing the cost of the postage.
The price for a hardback copy will be £24.89, £17.89 for a softback (plus a small element of postage). The cost of an eBook version will be £5 – Roger or I will send you the eBook download link (which clearly doesn’t incur postage costs). I’ll use the link gD6 to place the bulk order.  You can also click onto the link to preview the YearBook – I think you’ll be surprised and hopefully delighted. There’s nothing to stop you using the link to place your own orders, but you’ll bear the full postage costs. If you’d like to place an order for the 2013 YearBook it’s still available for purchase using the link http://blur/by/1mQSrpt
The following already have a 2014 YearBook, and will soon be given a link to allow them to download the eBook version: Roger Moore, Ray Fowler, Keith Brown, Alan Hinchcliffe, Ian Ord
To date, the following have placed orders: Richard Clemons HB (Hardback); Nick Chalkley HB, Axel Chatburn HB, Michel Waquet HBx2, David Allwood  SB (Softback), Jason Deitsch SB, Susan Hughes SB, Bea Deacon SB, Joan Clough, SB. Barbara Wilkinson SB. They will receive a free eBook version with their order. Ann Smith and Steve Elliott have placed orders for the eBook version.