Synopsis of 14th March 2019 meeting

Our 2019 Chair, Ian Stanyon opened the meeting by welcoming two visitors, along with our guest speaker Ashley Franklin. Ian talked about upcoming events – illustrated below.

Then Ian announced the public votes for our ‘exhibition’ in St Peter’s Church and the Angler’s Rest.
Church exhibitions: General category: 1st ‘A Ray of light’ by Wayne Hallam 2nd ‘Raining fire’ by Stephen Elliott 3rd ‘Sunrise over Bamford edge’ by Alan Hinchcliffe

Song title: 1st ‘Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone’ by Alan Hinchcliffe 2nd Private Dancer’ by Ian Stanyon 3rd ‘Those magnificent men in their flying machines’ by Richard Clemens; = ‘Don’t burn the bridge’ by Ian Ord; = ‘Ba Ba Ba Barbara Ann by Ann Smith; = ‘Me and my Shadow’ by Nick Chalkley

Angler’s Rest exhibition General category‘Outside, Inside’ by Ian Ord Song title‘Me and my Shadow’ by Nick Chalkley

Our speaker, Ashley Franklin made a presentation in two parts. The first covering the period from Ashley becoming interested in photography (all film in those days), followed by the work that he now does as a professional photographer. The selection of images shown below illustrates the scope of Ashley’s work:

After his presentation our Chair, Ian, gave a vote of thanks, exclaiming that Ashley’s presentation had been a ‘tour de force’. I’ve raised a mosaic panel illustrating a selection of images Ashley presented.

Ashley’s presentation took us back 35 years, when he was a young but inexperienced amateur – learning from books and images and publications by world-wide distinguished photographers; members of his camera club; experimenting with different films, lenses, filters and film effects – to his time as a professional photographer illustrating and writing for journals such as Derbyshire Life; a book cover illustrator; wedding photographer; illustrator for calendars; advertising assignments, etc. Ashley has a gift with words as well as a gift for high-level creative photography. I’m sure that I can speak for all who attended, that members & guests enjoyed every minute of Ashley’s presentation. I for one look forward to receiving another presentation by Ashley, perhaps covering images he’s taken of his beloved Tuscany.