Synopsis of 13th September meeting

Chairman Nick opened the meeting by announcing that our annual Christmas party will be held on 13th December at ‘1530’ (that’s the name of the Restaurant, not the time!) – an excellent restaurant in Castleton. Details, menus, etc will be provided in the fullness of time. So now’s the time to pencil the evening of 13.12.18 into your diary. Nick also announced that Dennis Thorpe (we named our annual monochrome competition trophy in honour of Dennis) will be held on Saturday 15th September, at the War Museum and Gallery, Stockport. The exhibition entitled ‘A view from the North’ will be open until mid October. But Dennis will be present this coming Saturday to sign his new book. NEMPH are holding their 2018 Memorial Lecture at 1930 12th October in the Chatsworth Arts Centre. Nottingham NG10  1EF.

Then Nick introduced the first of our two ‘home grown’ presenters. The first presentation was by Susan Hughes, entitled:  “The Power of the Image”. Sue spoke emotionally about her link to the past, through a photograph taken decades ago in Blackpool. This photograph led Sue to visit various parts of America to link up with her relatives. A powerful and moving presentation that really did demonstrate the Power of images.

For the second half of the evening Les Nixon took us on a voyage around the world. Using images he’d taken to demonstrate the ‘contrast’ between the same type or style of image gave photographically satisfying, but remarkably different results. Les presented images he’d taken between the mid 1950’s and now. As usual Les wowed us with his images and his detailed explanations behind each image. Les is a gifted photographer, who puts much thought into each image before he presses the shutter. Les is a natural raconteur, with this presentation rounding off the evening – an evening that was enjoyed by all who attended.