Chorus Trust Photography Challenge

This term we are setting a challenge for students at the Chorus Trust Schools.

Can you take a photograph that captures the idea of “Altered Reality”? The club used a similar theme (Impressions of Reality) for its exhibition in 2022 and you will find a link to some photos from club members below this introduction. Try and be imaginative and creative but what the club would most like from young photographers is to have a go. As this is a digital photographic competition it does not matter whether you are using a camera or a phone, the file size will have to be limited to enable us to upload the photos onto the website.

The club will evaluate all the photos and place them in one of three 3 categories – GOOD – VERY GOOD -EXCELLENT

June Meeting 8/6/23

This month the focus is on the annual exhibition which will be in St Peter’s Church Hope starting on Saturday 24th June 12-4pm. With that in mind Ashley Franklin ( was the guest at the meeting and reviewed the submissions, offering valuable tips on how the photographs could be improved. Ashley also selected his favourite photos and later in the year there will be a chance to present the photographers in each of the two categories with certificates and also to award the Dennis Thorpe trophy and the Catherine cup.

There is a list of the photographs and photographers at the bottom of the page and here are two photos of Ashley talking about his choices in each category.

A webpage cannot do justice to these excellent photographs, you need to see the printed version but the images below give you an idea of the creativity of the photographers.

  • General category 
  • 1st “Hot and Cold” Steve Elliott
  • 2nd “Four faces” Keith Brown
  • 3rd “Solitary vigil” John Sampson
  • Highly commended “Light portal” Stephen Elliott
  • Commended “Lilac-breasted roller” John Sampson
  • Commended “Check your mirror” Ann Smith
  • Commended “Afterglow on Stanage” Stephen Elliott
  • Themed category Beatles song titles
  • 1st “Help” Wayne Hallam
  • 2nd “Here comes the sun” Nick Chalkley
  • 3rd “Mind games” Wayne Hallam
  • Highly commended “I want to hold your hand” John Sampson
  • Commended “Watching Rainbows” David Allwood

Ann concluded the evening with thanks to Ashley, congratulations to all the photographers and a reminder that the meeting on July 13th is the “scavenger hunt”.

This is not as photographically odd as it might sound as the aim is for participating members to wander around Castleton taking photos on a specified theme. The meeting itself involves viewing all the submissions on the screen and evaluating the submitted photos to see who has fulfilled the theme with the greatest accuracy/creativity.