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So christmas is coming and i know i have a new camera on my shopping list (who hasn’t?) but for me its a nice new Canon 70D

however if i had an endless budget i might be tempted to buy one of these i had seen the technology appear a little while ago in a tech blog somewhere i had no idea they were serious about putting it into production for us mere mortals but as you can see they have. so whats so special i hear you ask, it just looks like a nice bridge camera however for all of you who like to shoot AV youre in trouble with this one because it doesn’t have an AV setting. now before you poo poo it let me tell you it shoots at a fixed aperture of F2.0 so whats so great about this well you can always get the fastest shutter speed you like at the lowest available ISO so now you’re asking how do you control depth of field well with this camera you set your focal point and depth of field after in post processing infact you can even have a moving still image where the focus can be adjusted by the viewer, you can even produce a 3D image effect.

so how does it do this well its all about its special sensor which uses light field technology  to capture an image with infinite focus

its easier to just say just check out some of these awesome examples in this link below.

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