Sept 2016 informal meeting at the Angler’s Rest – Bamford

Filling the Frame – September 2016

A good turnout as usual with members and guests alike braving the violent thunderstorm and spouting drains to look at ‘Filling the frame’ images for the evening. Pretty much everybody enjoyed devouring the pizzas available from the travelling pizza oven, even those who turned up later could not avoid eating one.

The evening was split into two halves as usual looking at a range of photographs from the club’s members Alison, Janis, Ian S, Sue, Nick and David and the opportunity to offer critique, a useful tool to see how images could be shown differently.

There was the usual vote to select the next theme; after some discussion and modification the next meeting’s theme is to be: ‘Using light in the image’. This could be flash, natural light or any other way in which the author could use light to enhance their image.

All society members and their guests are welcome to join in this low key, fun evening over a pizza and a drink accompanied by lovely images and general banter and gossip.





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