Synopsis of March 9th meeting

This meeting was really all about our popular and highly respected Past President – the late Peter Harrison. Here’s a selection of Peter’s images – transcribed from transparencies into digital format by Ray Fowler. Details covering the evening are shown after the selection of Peter’s images shown below:

Ann opened the meeting by welcoming members and the significant numbers of guests from Castleton and around. Ann announced that next month’s meeting (Thursday April 13th) would be split into two groups. The first group would meet at Treak Cavern at 1900. However, as the approach to Treak Cavern is steep some members may wish to join the second group at our normal venue at 1930. There Ian & Christine will show DPI’s of the images they took during their recent visit to Myanmar.

Ian S then announced that there were three events, which should be of interest to members. 1 An opportunity to photograph contestants in the exiting knockout competition: the Howard Street Duel. 2 A photography day with Parkour Athletes, to meet these athletes for part or the whole day at Parkhill flats, Sheffield. 3 An opportunity to photograph indoor and outdoor dance workshops in Leeds. Please contact Ian S for further information.

The main event of the evening was a tribute to Peter, with a celebration of Peter’s life and photography. Peter & Ray were founder members of our photographic society.

Ray had made arrangements to access 6,000+ of Peter’s photographs (in transparency format) to gradually digitise and file the images for posterity. And to give Peter’s family and Castleton Historical Society access to scanned in versions of Peter’s images – taken over 50 years. Hence the significant number of visitors to our meeting.

The evening was broken into three parts: 1 Ray’s presentation of a number of scanned in images Peter had taken over many years. 2 A short presentation by one of Peter’s daughter, Vicky, using some of the images Ray had scanned into a digital format. This led to many of the family and other locals from Castleton discussing the images, and reminiscing, as the DPI’s were projected on the screen. 3 Ray had carefully selected some of Peter’s images, turning them into a representation of one of Peter’s famous quizzes. For many years Peter’s quizzes had been one of the highlights of our annual Christmas parties.

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