Notes covering our 13th November 2014 meeting

Our newest member: We are now an international club, as we have a new member; Michel Waquet, who’s moved from Provence in France.

Arthur Packham: Keith & Kate Brown recently visited Arthur & Betty Packham, who are moving south, as Betty is ill. Ian has sent an Interflora bouquet on behalf of the Club


New display boards & microphone: We are going to buy some new display boards and also a microphone for speakers, bought from  proceeds from various fundraising activities this year.

Booking your place at our 2014 Christmas Party: If you haven’t submitted your menu details and cheque for our Christmas Party, please click onto the following link: Erica would be grateful if you could respond to her NOW. Please make cheques payable to “The Millstone Country Inn” and post your menu choices and cheque to Erica Dietsch at 3 Mayfield Terrace, Hathersage, Hope Valley, S321BE.

Our 2014 YearBook: There’s a lot of work behind the scenes which goes into the YearBook, which is an important record, both in book and e-book form. So if you haven’t submitted your images, see the website: Or pass your CD to Alan or Ian, or hand them in to Ian at the Christmas Party.

Our 2015 competition, including the Denis Thorpe Monochrome trophy: Now’s the time to rifle through your best images for the 2015 competition. I’ve put simple guidelines on the website:

Put some of your best images on our website: Please think about submitting a selection of your images onto our gallery on the website. If you’d like to summit a portfolio of images contact our webmaster Alan, or contact Ian.

Our November 2014 presenters: Roger Moore couldn’t make his scheduled presentation, which has been deferred until next year. Nick Chalkey stepped into Roger’s shoes, as two talented members from our Club gave us insights into their views on photography. Susan Hughes had clearly put considerable thought into her presentation, entitled a ‘mixed bag’. We followed Susan through a magic journey, from some stunning prints shown on a light-box, to projected images (which displayed Susan’s interest in a wide range of subject), finishing with a compilation of themed images shown through PowerPoint.

Nick followed Susan, bringing on a variety of bags containing the ‘goodies’ he uses when he takes photographs. Described by Nick as “things I can’t afford and sometimes don’t use, as I pursue my interest in photography.” Nick showed us how he’d suspended a camera on strings, giving the impression that his young daughter was holding the camera and about to press the shutter – post processing made the strings disappear as if by magic. Talking of magic, Nick has an uncanny knack of capturing the audience’s attention, sometimes with Tommy Cooper like gestures and lines.  A truly innovative presentation which left every member of the audience hanging on to every one of Nick’s words and observations.

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