Synopsis of June 9th 2022 meeting

Unusually the meeting started at 6.30pm, when members who wanted to take part in a Scavenger Hunt around Castleton. Participants were asked to walk around the village and capture images that could be used to depict an image relating to the letters CHVPS. There were therefore five themes for members to interpret by taking as many photographs as they liked that fitted a C, an H, a V, a P, and an S. My personal favourite related to the letter P, where one enterprising person displayed an image of a street sign that showed a sign depicting P for parking, alongside a sign that read WC! Participating members then handed their memory cards to Immediate Past Chair Roger M. Enabling the themed images to be shown individually and then as a panel showing each participants panel of images.

When Scavenger Hunt participants returned to our meeting room, along with non-participating members, our 2022 Chair Keith B opened the meeting, welcoming everyone – our first wholly live non-Zoom meeting since Covid struck! Then Keith presented awards to members relating to the 2021 Member’s Exhibition. Sadly, our President, Ray, was in hospital, after suffering heart problems. Thus on behalf of President Ray, our Vice President Keith (also this year’s Chair) presented the President’s Prize to our immediate Past Chair – Roger Moore, for the outstanding work Roger devoted last year, in initiating so many new ideas and procedures. Well done Roger – you worked so hard and so imaginatively – you truly deserve this year’s President’s Prize:

Then came the time for Keith to present the prizes and certificates relating to our 2021 Member’s Exhibition of prints (normally shown in non-Covid times during Wakes Week at St Peter’s Church, Hope). Many thanks to Ray for preparing all of these certificates. I’ll show images of these certificates being presented, in a gallery panel, below. However, I feel that first I should show images of Steve Elliot being presented the Catherine Cup for the best 2021 Exhibition colour image, and Roger presenting the Denis Thorpe Trophy to Keith for his monochrome image of St Pancras station:

Here’s a gallery of presentation of 2021 member’s Exhibition certificates. John Sampson & Richard Clemons weren’t able to attend the meeting, so I’ve shown their certificates within the gallery. Click on to each image if you would like to see the individual image in greater detail:

Now we come to the part of my web-post that depicts the gallery of individual set of Scavenger Hunt themed images. But first I’ll show the gallery that was selected as the best panel. Here’s Keith presenting a box of chocolates to Nick C, with his panel of images in the background, on the screen behind Keith and Nick:

And here are the remaining Scavenger Hunt panels – in no particular order: Click onto each individual image if you’e like to see it in greater detail:

Next month will be our Member’s Exhibition, where two appraisers from Sheffield Photographic Society, will select the images they most like, for awards and commendations, as well as for the Catherine Cup and Denis Thorpe Trophy. Finally, don’t forget that at 7pm, on July 2nd at St Peter’s Church, Hope, Keith B is presenting his traditional Wakes Week Audio Visual, entitled “Great Fun”. Keith will be showing a collection of his and Kate’s AV”s.

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