April Meeting 13/4/23

This month’s meeting involved two club members sharing their photos and thoughts. Introduced by our new photo society chair Ann Smith.

First up was John Sampson.

Mining for Gold in Burkina Faso.

Here are a couple of images from the huge number that John used to explain the many processes from extraction through processing to the final product. Along the way there were photos of memorable locals, staff and some of the wildlife. Memorable in other ways were the guards and some interesting precautions that had to be taken in such a volatile situation.

Open Pit Mining

Processing Plant At Night

Our next talk was Alison Johnson

Experimenting with an Iphone Camera.

Here are three of the images that were part of the talk

Alison showed numerous images from her travels with stunning landscapes such as this one.

At the end of the evening Ann reminded us that the May meeting was the hand in date for everyone’s exhibition photos.

That evening we will also involve presentations from Axel and our previous chair, Keith.

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