October Meeting – 12/10/23

With the chair and the programme secretary unavailable for the meeting, committee member Margaret gave out the notices:-

5 places left on the portrait night, email : keithbrownfrps@btinternet.com or phone 01433 621072;

November 9th our presenter is Karen Frenkel;

A month left to sign up and pay for the winter meal (23rd November).

First presenter for the evening was long term member Ian Stanyon and “Edale Mountain Rescue”

Ian has been a member of the mountain rescue for some years and used a combination of video and photographs to explain the vital role that these highly professional volunteers play. Covering a wide range of tasks from training and fund raising, to rescuing trapped or fallen climbers, the images were at times dramatic and always enthralling. Water rescues, hang glider rescues, the use of search dogs and even sheep retrieval all helped to make it a fascinating presentation.

Our second presenter was Wayne Hallam who gave us photographs on 3 distinct themes.

First was a selection of manipulated imagery such as the photo shown on the left.

Next came a range of wonderful shots taken around the High Peak, many of them being gorgeous sunsets or sunrises.

Lastly and by no means least was a sample of action shots taken at cricket matches which displayed a level of skill that many photographers (like me) can only dream of.

Another committee member, closed the evening with a warm thankyou to our 2 presenters and a well deserved round of applause.

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