Results for 2014 Annual competition

And here are the results of the 2014 Castleton and Hope Valley Photographic Society annual  competition as judges by Toni Pioli, with the Denis Thorpe award being judged by Denis Thorpe.  Well done to one and all, and thank you to all that put entries in.
See you all next month
Best wishes for Sunny snaps till then

 Close up

  •  1st Preying for Matins          Ian Ord
  •  2nd Colchicum Stigmata     Kate Brown
  •  3rd Harvest Mouse                Susan Hughes


  •  Highly commended    Orchid              Richard Clemons
  •  Highly commended    Old Key hole   Susan Hughes


  •  Commended    Wool gathering              Cath Allwood
  •  Commended    Powdered in pollen      Erica Dietsch
  •  Commended    In the field                       David Nicklin
  •  Commended    Tulip                                   Hazel Watson

 General Category

  •  1st Winter express                                    Les Nixon
  •  2nd Young Photographer                      Nick Chalkley
  •  3rd Get me to the church on time      Alan Hinchcliffe


  •  Highly commended  Sunrise over Higger Tor    Stephen Elliott
  •  Highly commended  Salty seaside sisal                Christine Ord
  •  Highly commended  Claws                                         David Allwood
  •  Highly commended  Fabulous fireplace               Pat Fowler
  •  Highly commended  The Bouncer’s Lair              Keith Brown
  •  Highly commended  Low tide                                  Kate Brown


  •  Commended    Wispy clouds save saturation     Christine Ord
  •  Commended    Autumn                                                Richard Clemons
  •  Commended    Walkies                                                 Nick Chalkley
  •  Commended    Passing by                                           Ray Fowler
  •  Commended    Buxton bubbles                                Ray Fowler
  •  Commended    Harvest mouse 1                              Susan Hughes
  •  Commended    Suspended chords                          Keith Brown
  •  Commended    Watery impression                         Keith Brown
  •  Commended    Levels of learning                            Kate Brown     (City of Birmingham Library)
  •  Commended    Please give generously                  Sandra Marshall
  •  Commended    Misty morning over the valley  Hazel Watson

 Denis Thorpe trophy (Best overall monochrome)

  •  Walkies  Nick Chalkley

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