CHVPS Informal evening Bamford, Angler’s Rest 15 November 2016 ‘Creative lighting’

A good turn out again; not quite the violent storm of the last meeting. The availability of oven baked pizza, a drink and social are continuing to prove popular and of course all club members are welcome to join us on this fun and informative evening.

The evening was broken into two halves; firstly we were entertained to a collection of images put forward by members Nick, Janis, Alison, Ian S, and Steve with many different interpretations on the theme of creative lighting.

After a short interlude, Nick introduced us to a practical demonstration using off camera flash. Thank you Nick for entertaining us with the whys, the wherefores and the pitfalls of flash photography.

In response to a request from the pizza team, the challenge for the next informal evening is ‘Pizza Night’, where members will be given the opportunity to take and develop creative photographs for the purpose of promoting the business



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