Synopsis of March 8th meeting


If like me you were unable to attend this month’s meeting, you didn’t miss any announcements, BUT you did miss a superb evening. Firstly, you missed a fine presentation by our visiting speaker: Bob Underhill APAGB, AIPF. I’ve popped on four of the images Bob presented, followed by couple of images Nick Chalkley snapped on his iPhone!!

I told you that if you’d missed the meeting, you’d missed out! As during the break our President, Ray Fowler, brought on bottles of wine, as Ray wanted members to celebrate his 80th birthday.


Some of us knew about this surprise and had cards and presents ready to hand. Ann, our Secretary had spent time baking and decorating cup cakes.  Then everyone wished Ray the happiest of birthdays and expressed their best wishes by singing Happy Birthday

Ray’s a founder member of our Club, and is without doubt popular and liked by every member of our Club, as well as being highly respected for his photographic skills. I don’t know anyone in Castleton or in our Club who doesn’t count Ray as a friend. I look forward to attending the meeting when we celebrate Ray’s 90th birthday.

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