March 2018 Club activities outside meetings

A selection of Club members enjoyed 2 social activity events during March. The first being a light-painting evening led by Stephen Elliott on 13th March. Followed by a visit to the Piece Hall in Halifax on March 21st – organised by Ray & Pat Fowler. I’ve combined a number of images taken during these events into a page of ‘mosaic’ images. These images may load a little slower than I’d like, as internet speeds play a their part in downloading all the images.

Stephen Elliott ran another fascinating evening of creating light painting photography on the evening of 13th March. This time, we were housed in the warmth of St. Peter’s Church, Hope rather than outside in the cold.

There was a keen group of CHVPS members assembled in various parts of the church including the bell tower. Tripods were set up and cameras primed ready for Steve to start off the evening revising some of the theory of light painting and instruction on how to set up cameras correctly. He then launched his creative talents into setting up a number of different scenes for us to photograph.

The happy bunch of photographers exposed their sensors in the pitch dark while Steve galloped around the church with his various lights, contraptions and lasers creating the scenes. He was dressed head to foot in black, complete with gloves and at one point left the church to light the stained glass windows from outside. We were fully expecting the sound of police sirens to apprehend Stephen Elliott the lead thief!

Ian Stanyon had set up his Olympus M1 compete with live view screen. Without exception, the screen drew attention of all those present as the image built up live in front of us and built the anticipation of what their won cameras may produce. Once each scene was finished we waited while each camera did its processing thing and there followed whelps of joy as the images revealed themselves.

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