Synopsis of Feb 8th meeting

Nick, our Chair opened the packed meeting hall by welcoming two new members and then by giving the following announcements:

Roger Moore has once again encapsulated our past year in a superb YearBook, available in both hard-back and soft-back formats. Costs this year are: hardback £26.79 and soft back £19.79 (+ postage). If you submit a request through me (Ian O) I’ll submit a bulk order and share the postage costs between those who have submitted an order. Or you can order a YearBook using:

Ray is organising a photographic excursion to the Piece Hall in Halifax on Wed 21st March. It’s a stunning location! For more info browse    If you’d like to attend, please contact Ray. I have put my name down for the first of this year’s photo/social events, and am hoping that there’ll be a good turnout. If there’s sufficient interest Ray may be able to organise a coach?

Keith announced that Steve is going to give a practical session on light-painting, at 1930 at St Peter’s Church hope on 13th March. Everyone who attended Steve’s last session on light-painting agreed that this was a fantastic evening. Please contact Keith if you’d like to attend.

The 11th Sheffield Photographic Digital Knockout Competition is going to be held at St Luke’s Church, Lodge Moor, Sheffield S10 4LQ. 1900 for 1930. Once again our club will submit some DPI’s. If you’d like up to five of your images to be considered by the committee, please pass your images to Keith by 19th Feb. Please compress the images to 1400 x 1050 pixel if in landscape portrait, or with a maximum height of 1050 pixels (thus a width of less than 1050 pixels) if in portrait or square format. The images the committee like the most will then be entered into the Knockout Competition.

The main part of the evening was divided into two. With Ian Holmes presenting monochrome film images he’d taken as a youngster (and that wasn’t yesterday!) Then Ray presented DPI images he’d taken during a number of years touring north to south in and around the Rockies area of the ‘States’. The contrast between the 120 film camera that Ian used and the modern digital camera used by Ray brought equally appreciative applause. Thanks to Les for scanning in the 120 prints. Here’s a limited selection of the images Ian & Ray presented. A great evening that I’m sure was enjoyed by all.





NEMPH exhibition

Ian Stanyon collected his commendation certificate at the opening of the annual NEMPH exhibition held on Saturday, 6th January. There was a good showing of all the different clubs and societies with the awards seemingly all going to members of the Rolls Royce club based in Derby. However, that is not to say that there were no other clubs and societies represented of which Castleton & Hope Valley PS was one. Ian proudly received his award for his entry ‘Le Parcour’ and the club also gained acceptance with Kate Brown’s Sunset at the museum. Given the small size of the society, we should be very proud and also encouraged that we are more than able to match the big boys when it comes to taking good pictures.

The exhibition runs between 6th January and 10th February 2018 with all the accepted prints on display at Patching’s Art Centre Oxton Road Calverton, Nottingham NG14 6NU. It is a quality showcasing of the very best images taken in the region and well worth a visit, The Art Centre is open 7 days a week 10 am – p.m. and we would encourage visiting.

Hopefully next year we can be more successful and get more prints accepted into the exhibition. Images will have to be submitted in October, so start thinking about what you might like to showcase, it is not limited to just this year’s work so dig deep into your archives. If you would like to discuss ideas, do not hesitate to contact Ian Stanyon.


Finally, Ian is looking for a bit of help organising the submissions to next year’s exhibition. This is not a committee position so rest assured that you would not be pressured to do more than simply encouraging members, collecting in images and submitting them to the NEMPH organisers. Anybody interested, please contact Ian on 01433 620051 or

NEMPF competition successes for Ian Stanyon & Kate Brown

NEMPF Annual Competition

NEMPF is the acronymn for North & East Midlands Photographic Federation. C&HVPS is a member of NEMPF

This year C&HVPS members were invited to submit entries for NEMPF’s 2018 exhibition. To have an image or panel of images accepted for the NEMPF annual competition, the quality of the image or panel of images has to be exceptionally high.

A number of our members submitted prints or panels but with the exception of Kate Brown & Ian Stanyon all entries were rejected as not reaching the highest of standards, as space to exhibit the competition prints and panels is limited. When you visit NEMPF’s website  you’ll see that Kate’s outstanding print of the Museum of Liverpool (shown above) met the high standards required for the annual competition.

But there’s more – Ian Stanyon’s panel of four prints received a high accolade, as Ian’s panel of  images was awarded a Commendation

Since Ian joined our photographic society we’ve seen how dedicated Ian is to improving the standard of his photography. We’ve also seen how judges in our annual competitions have held Ian’s work in such high regard. A number of members of C&HVPS have achieved distinctions in the field of photography, as one of a number of examples I instance Keith Brown FRPS FIPF EFIAP MPAGB APAGB and Kate Brown LRPS DPAGB. Mark my words, it won’t be long before Ian Stanyon joins our distinguished list of members who’ve been awarded accolades by various photographic bodies.

Click onto the link below to see the competition images and the results:

Ian’s panel, in monochrome, entitled ‘le Parcours’ is shown below.














Synopsis of November 9th meeting

Our Chair, Ann welcomed everyone and made the following announcements:

  • Please email your selected YearBook image to Roger Moore or Ian Ord as soon as possible. The image should be uncompressed, and have been taken during 2017.
  • The 2017 Christmas Meal will be at The Old Hall on 14th December. Menu choices plus cheque to Erica ASAP!
  • Ian Stanyon will once again prepare a Christmas Tree for Castleton’s Church

Beat the Clock: Axle Chatburn, Jannis Ibbotson, Shelia Reynolds & Barbara Wilkinson, Ray Fowler, Kate Brown, Paul Hatt and Steve Elliott each contributed a selection of beautiful images under the 10 minutes Beat the Clock rules. Great fun and good to see so many fine images from our members.

2017 Competition During the break Ann read out the names of those who’d been successful in our 2017 Competition, with President Ray Fowler presenting the certificates (with the exception that Ann presented Ray with his Certificate). Many thanks to Ray, for once again preparing and printing the certificates.

2017 Competition & Prizes results

General Section

First Prize ‘Plus’ the Catherine Trophy (best colour print) – Steve Elliott – Big Red Riding Hood

Second – Ian Ord – Gotcha


Third Prize – Steve Elliott – Sunset Over Winding Road


Commended: Robert Nicklin – Pink on Black, Pat Fowler – It’s Magic, Steve Elliott – First Light


Nick Chalkely – Where does this one go,                                                                                                   Ian Stanyon – Urban Gymnast










Denis Thorpe Award (Best Monochrome print) – Nick Chalkley – Orchid Mantis Gaze

Small print section (75 square cms)

First Prize –David Allwood – Nuthatch

Second Prize – Ian Stanyon – Walk the Line

Third Prize – Ann Smith – Earl Grey’s Door handle

Commended – small prints

Kieth Brown – Are we ready to go?, Ray Fowler – Big, Black & Beautiful, Nick Chalkley – Hello Cheeky

(Note – Axel Chatburn & Paul Hatt were awarded with certificates of commendations for their Small Print entries. But these prints weren’t in digital format and can’t be shown in this web post)



Summary of 14th September 2017 meeting

Our Chairman Ann welcomed everyone to the meeting, also expressing a warm welcome to our presenter: Peter Yeo FRPS, DPAGB, APAGB. In the past Peter has both judged one of our recent annual competitions as well as also giving presentations to our club.

But before viewing Peter’s prints on the theme of: Getting there by land, sea and air, Ann told us that Keith had been successful in encouraging Dennis Thorpe to give what will be his third presentation to our club, on 21st may 2018. We are privileged to have Denis make a further presentation, as Dennis now rarely presents his work.

Ann also told us that she had received a letter of thanks from St Barnabas Church in Bradwell for presenting some of our prints at their Wakes Week celebration earlier this year.

So on to the main event of the evening. Speaking personally, I was once again amazed at the stunningly superb series of prints that Peter presented. I watched with envy as high quality print after print was popped onto the stand, whilst Peter carefully and wittily gave a commentary covering a recent photographic foray.  I’m sure that I wasn’t the only one to be envious of Peter’s photographic and printing skills, and his keen eye for a potentially fascinating image.

But I know why Peter constantly produces work of the highest quality, as Peter has served on numerous camera club committees and held every photographic post one can think of. He has been President of the Lincolnshire Photographic Association and Vice-President of N&EMPF.  Having started in the darkroom it was natural for Peter to apply, successfully, for the Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society with a panel of B&W chemically processed prints.  A few years later he gained the Fellowship with darkroom colour prints.  In the early years of this century he converted to digital and now only uses digital cameras.










Synopsis of 10th August meeting

Ann opened our evening by making the following announcements:

Thanks to Chris for arranging this year’s Whatever the Weather, and thanks to Ian for arranging such wonderful weather.

Many thanks to St Peter’s Church for featuring our annual exhibition. Plus thanks for making a donation of £25 – much appreciated. Our exhibition is currently at Bradwell Church, with members helping to take down the exhibition images on Sat afternoon (12th August). I’ve attached a copy of the card the team from St Barnabus’s Church have passed to us, in appreciation of C&HVPS mounting images for their exhibition>

The date of our annual Christmas meal has changed to 7th December, at Sickleholme Golf Club. Details will be announced closer to the date.

If members would like instruction on using Lightroom contact Ian O direct or email Ann. Ian and others will give 1 to 1 guidance.

Ann then welcomed Nick C and Alan H, for their presentations.

Our Home Grown Evening

Nick Chalkley: Tabletop photography

Nick never fails to please, with his unique ‘Just like that’ style and lots of tips. Nick gave illustrations of various themes for his presentation (examples shown in the mosaic of image at the top of the page). Not only did Nick illustrate how appature settings in some of the close-up photography impacted upon DOF, Nick also showed how various forms of lighting (natural light from a window, various flash combinations, light boxes and light tents) had an impact upon the finished image. Nick also illustrated how different coloured backgrounds could be used to either complement or highlight the main focus of the image. Fascinating and great fun to boot.

Alan Hinchcliffe: Time lapse photography

Alan is our technical wizard, and illustrated the range of skills he has at his disposal. Alan showed single plane and multi pane arms that can be used to create a 3D impression in time lapse photography. Alan indicated the costs of the systems and then both surprised and impressed everyone by saying that he had reduced costs by 75-80% by making the control hardware himself.

Then Alan showed us a selection of outstanding time lapse compilations. These video-like presentations are a compilation of up to 900 individual images – with hugely large files. Click onto the following link to see one of many examples of Alan’s work (you won’t be disappointed):


I wanted to add another Time lapse even though it wasn’t shot by one of our members in order to try and encourage and inspire more people to have a go at this particular style of photography the video below shows you do not need age or experience or fancy gear in order to produce amazing pieces of art the time lapses in this video are shot using a very old Canon 300D and kit lens

Angler’s informal evening – July 18th

Landscape photography at Higgar Tor

  Further to a rather wet June informal evening and a wasted night as far as the planned landscape photography on the moors, a re-arranged event was organised for Tuesday 18th July. We convened in the rear courtyard of the Angler’s for a pizza meal before heading up to Higgar Tor hoping for an improvement in the largely white overcast sky. There was a group of 8 of us ready to brave the cold winds that we whipping across the moors and warm clothing was the order of the day (Bob remember to bring warm clothes next time).                                                                                                          The first image was taken by Alan Darlington, the second by Ian Stanyon and the third by Stephen Elliott


 We set up at strategic places along the cliff edges to get landscape images and the challenge to not getting fellow photographers in the view. Gradually individuals disappeared from the hillside as the sky did not to seem to want to brighten up. However, Alan, Steve and Ian S persevered late into the evening to be rewarded with an absolutely glorious blood red sky as the suns reflected off the bottom of the clouds. Despite being cold, the reward of the sunset made up for the wait and we headed home or to the pub to warm up ready for the next challenge.

Synopsis of July meeting + 2017 public vote results

Ann opened the meeting to welcome, by popular demand, the return of the highly accomplished (and much decorated) photographer – Colin New. But first Ann announced that the 4th Whatever the Weather social event in Christine & Ian’s garden will be held at 1400 on Sunday 16th July.

Anne also announced that there’d be an additional Angler’s informal night on next Tuesday, 18th at the Angler’s Rest in Bamford to make up for the last wet and windy evening in June.

Then Ann announced the votes made by the public when they visited our Exhibition at Hope Church. In the General Category David Allwood came first, followed by Stephen Elliott and Alan Hinchcliffe:




David Allwood was again voted first for his small print of a Nuthatch in Themed Category,  followed by Ann Smith and Axel Chatburn. (Apologies, but I don’t have a copy of Axel’s image).


The lights dropped and the audience hushed to hear and see Colin’s presentation of prints and images covering his visit to Namibia and  a fascinating presentation on monochrome images taken at the dawn of photography, called Hidden Mothers (where curtains and other props were used to disguise the mother, concentrating wholly on the child).

Followed by an array of images Colin had taken when he’d visited Watchet on a wet day. Images of a boat, being stripped of old layers of paint and anti-fouling produced a series of images that could easily have been hung in a top class modern art gallery.


June 8th Annual Competition evening & results

The annual judging of this year’s competition was a successful evening with a good turnout of members and judging carried out by David Gibbins ARPS, APAGB, AFIAP, BPE3*.  David introduced himself and it was clear that he had a long history as a successful photographer and also as a keen judge at many many competitions .  He launched into judging members images, firstly the general category before the usual break for tea and biscuits and then the small image category after the break. The critique was not only constructive but also helpful and we hope that members can take away jewels of information to make the presentation of images even better in the future.

David was assisted ably by a team of willing volunteers handing images over, recording the results and taking photos of events and a huge thanks is due to Alan Darlington, Janis Ibbotson, Alison Johnstone, Ray Fowler and Alan Hinchcliffe for their hard work.

David spent a lot of time giving helpful critique to every image and as the evening progressed he made his decision on which images he judged to be worthy of reward or accolade.  It became clear that his final decision about winners and commendations was not going to be easy with the high standard of images on show.  However, decisions were made and the eventual winners and commendations can be seen below.

General category

1st Stephen Elliott – Big Red Riding Hood

2nd Ian Ord – Gotcha

3rd Stephen Elliott – Sunset over the winding road

Small Print category

1st David Allwood  Nuthatch

2nd Ian Stanyon – Walk the line

3rd Ann Smith – Earl Grey’s door handle

Monochrome – Dennis Thorpe Trophy

Nick Chalkley – Orchid Mantis gaze


(I’ve only been able to include copies of images receiving a commendation if the author had sent me a copy of her/his competition image. If PH & AC email me your image I’ll add it to the list of those who received commendations)

Keith Brown

Stephen Elliott

Ray Fowler






Nick Chalkley

Pat Fowler

Robert Nicklin







Nick Chalkley

Ian Stanyon


Synopsis of 11 April 2017 meeting

Members handed in their competition entries and then sat down to watch presentations by Alison and Ian S. A selection of these images are shown below. Before the presentation Ann made a number of announcements.

  • There’ll be a social/photographic evening at Bugsworth Basin on 25th May, commencing 1800. Further details are shown below the images I’ve popped onto our website.
  • Ann also announced that the theme for the 2018 Annual Competition would be either ‘Shadows’ or ‘Imitatting song titles’. After a vote members picked the theme of Imitating song titles – so now you’ve got one year to think about how best to interpret the theme and produce some stunning images. Note that images taken before 1.1.16 won’t be edible to be entered into this competition.
  • Finally, members were reminded that before the end of the month they should send copies of their 2017 competition images to Ian Ord, via email, memory stick or CD. These images will be stored on a password protected area of our website. Compressed versions of those who win or are placed or receive a commendation at next month judging evening, will be placed on our website.

Here’s a selection of the images Alison & Ian S presented to members. Judging from the volume of applause I’m sure that all present thoroughly enjoyed viewing these images, with informative commentaries given by first by Alison then Ian.


Bugsworth Basin social event – photographic evening. Ray and Pat Fowler and Keith and Kate Brown will be on duty at the Navigation Inn (where there is car parking) from 6.00pm onwards. You are invited to participate in this event and choose your own time of arrival. It is not the easiest place to find and we suggest travelling to Chinley and then follow the signs to Bugsworth, turning left in Bugsworh down to the basin. We suggest you take the same route home via Chinley. Full details can be found on the Bugsworth Basin web site For those with a sat nav the postcode is SK23 7NE.Synopsis of 11th Aprilm