Angler’s informal evening – July 18th

Landscape photography at Higgar Tor

  Further to a rather wet June informal evening and a wasted night as far as the planned landscape photography on the moors, a re-arranged event was organised for Tuesday 18th July. We convened in the rear courtyard of the Angler’s for a pizza meal before heading up to Higgar Tor hoping for an improvement in the largely white overcast sky. There was a group of 8 of us ready to brave the cold winds that we whipping across the moors and warm clothing was the order of the day (Bob remember to bring warm clothes next time).                                                                                                          The first image was taken by Alan Darlington, the second by Ian Stanyon and the third by Stephen Elliott


 We set up at strategic places along the cliff edges to get landscape images and the challenge to not getting fellow photographers in the view. Gradually individuals disappeared from the hillside as the sky did not to seem to want to brighten up. However, Alan, Steve and Ian S persevered late into the evening to be rewarded with an absolutely glorious blood red sky as the suns reflected off the bottom of the clouds. Despite being cold, the reward of the sunset made up for the wait and we headed home or to the pub to warm up ready for the next challenge.

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