Synopsis of 10th August meeting

Ann opened our evening by making the following announcements:

Thanks to Chris for arranging this year’s Whatever the Weather, and thanks to Ian for arranging such wonderful weather.

Many thanks to St Peter’s Church for featuring our annual exhibition. Plus thanks for making a donation of £25 – much appreciated. Our exhibition is currently at Bradwell Church, with members helping to take down the exhibition images on Sat afternoon (12th August). I’ve attached a copy of the card the team from St Barnabus’s Church have passed to us, in appreciation of C&HVPS mounting images for their exhibition>

The date of our annual Christmas meal has changed to 7th December, at Sickleholme Golf Club. Details will be announced closer to the date.

If members would like instruction on using Lightroom contact Ian O direct or email Ann. Ian and others will give 1 to 1 guidance.

Ann then welcomed Nick C and Alan H, for their presentations.

Our Home Grown Evening

Nick Chalkley: Tabletop photography

Nick never fails to please, with his unique ‘Just like that’ style and lots of tips. Nick gave illustrations of various themes for his presentation (examples shown in the mosaic of image at the top of the page). Not only did Nick illustrate how appature settings in some of the close-up photography impacted upon DOF, Nick also showed how various forms of lighting (natural light from a window, various flash combinations, light boxes and light tents) had an impact upon the finished image. Nick also illustrated how different coloured backgrounds could be used to either complement or highlight the main focus of the image. Fascinating and great fun to boot.

Alan Hinchcliffe: Time lapse photography

Alan is our technical wizard, and illustrated the range of skills he has at his disposal. Alan showed single plane and multi pane arms that can be used to create a 3D impression in time lapse photography. Alan indicated the costs of the systems and then both surprised and impressed everyone by saying that he had reduced costs by 75-80% by making the control hardware himself.

Then Alan showed us a selection of outstanding time lapse compilations. These video-like presentations are a compilation of up to 900 individual images – with hugely large files. Click onto the following link to see one of many examples of Alan’s work (you won’t be disappointed):


I wanted to add another Time lapse even though it wasn’t shot by one of our members in order to try and encourage and inspire more people to have a go at this particular style of photography the video below shows you do not need age or experience or fancy gear in order to produce amazing pieces of art the time lapses in this video are shot using a very old Canon 300D and kit lens

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