Summary of 14th September 2017 meeting

Our Chairman Ann welcomed everyone to the meeting, also expressing a warm welcome to our presenter: Peter Yeo FRPS, DPAGB, APAGB. In the past Peter has both judged one of our recent annual competitions as well as also giving presentations to our club.

But before viewing Peter’s prints on the theme of: Getting there by land, sea and air, Ann told us that Keith had been successful in encouraging Dennis Thorpe to give what will be his third presentation to our club, on 21st may 2018. We are privileged to have Denis make a further presentation, as Dennis now rarely presents his work.

Ann also told us that she had received a letter of thanks from St Barnabas Church in Bradwell for presenting some of our prints at their Wakes Week celebration earlier this year.

So on to the main event of the evening. Speaking personally, I was once again amazed at the stunningly superb series of prints that Peter presented. I watched with envy as high quality print after print was popped onto the stand, whilst Peter carefully and wittily gave a commentary covering a recent photographic foray.  I’m sure that I wasn’t the only one to be envious of Peter’s photographic and printing skills, and his keen eye for a potentially fascinating image.

But I know why Peter constantly produces work of the highest quality, as Peter has served on numerous camera club committees and held every photographic post one can think of. He has been President of the Lincolnshire Photographic Association and Vice-President of N&EMPF.  Having started in the darkroom it was natural for Peter to apply, successfully, for the Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society with a panel of B&W chemically processed prints.  A few years later he gained the Fellowship with darkroom colour prints.  In the early years of this century he converted to digital and now only uses digital cameras.










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