Synopsis of April 12th meeting

Écoute attentivement. Je vais le dire seulement une fois! If you missed April’s meeting you missed a tour de force by two of our (many) stars. 

But firstly, if you weren’t able to attend and pick up the entry forms for our forthcoming competition, you can copy a Jpeg version of this application form (see below) and use it when you hand in your prints at the May meeting. If you can’t attend the May meeting, please liaise with either Ray Fowler or Keith Brown, and make arrangements to pass them your prints before the May meeting. Here’s the application form to cut and paste, IF you didn’t pick this form up on April 12th:

Click onto this link if you’d like to refresh your memory on the rules for our forthcoming competition.

On the 25th May we are fortunate to have a repeat visit from Denis Thorpe. We have booked the Castleton Youth Hostel, Lose Hill Hall for the event. Tickets are £5.00 each for members and £6.00 each for non-members. The evening is billed as “A view from the North. If you want tickets please email or phone Ann Smith or Ray Fowler (order early, as I have no doubt that they’ll sell out like hot cakes).

And now for the stars of the evening:

Roger Moore ARPS

The diversity of topics covered by Roger in his illuminating and astonishingly imaginative presentation beggared belief. Still images, videos, webcams, audio-visuals, infrared images, and more.

After the coffee break, Stephen Elliott gave his presentation. Steve is a truly talented photographer.  In our Club, Steve is known as “Mr Landscape”, but Steve has many bows to his photographic toolkit. After seeing more of his Light-painting images, I suggest that we also call him “Mr Paint”! I’ve displayed a section of the images presented by our two masters that evening, and formed them into a mosaic of images. If you want to view any image in finer detail, simply click onto the (compressed) image.







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